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Our aviation venture covers Aircraft Acquisition, Sale & Leasing and Charter Solutions (Private, Cargo and Special).

Private charters solutions for both business and leisure include:

  • Executive Airliners: Large, medium and light aircraft charters to offer luxury and comfort
  • Air Taxi: Cost-efficient, short-haul charters
  • Air Ambulance: Safe and quick travel for patients

Cargo charter solutions include:

  • Military & Dangerous Goods: Charters for your sensitive cargo
  • Heavy & Over-sized Cargo: Charters for your large freight into remote destinations that are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • Humanitarian And Relief: Get aid to those who need it

Specialized Solutions include:

  • Corporate Travel: Assisting travel departments around the world
  • Government And Non-governmental: Individual or large charter programs
  • Travel Companies: Working together with travel agents & tour operators
  • Oil & Gas/mining: Personnel & cargo solutions for the industry
  • Emergency Response: Time sensitive & secure cargo aircraft charters in emergencies

Aircraft acquisition, leasing and sale on both private and commercial aircraft